Light Turned Down
Scanner + D-Fuse
'What Sound Does a Colour Make?'

Eyebeam New York City May 2005

Wood Street Galleries, Pittsburgh Cultural Trust Nov 2005

Centre for Art & Visual Culture
University of Maryland
Baltimore MD USA Jan-April 2006

Group show with work by Scott Arford, Jim Campbell, Granular Synthesis, Gary Hill, Thom Kubli, Nam June Paik, Fred Szymanski, Atau Tanaka, Steina & Woody Vasukla and Stephen Vitiello.

Curate by Kathleen Forde, this exhibition features sensuous media environments, exploring the fusion of vision and sound in electronic media.

Light Turned Down is an interchange between artists charting a conversational movement of colour, musical fragments, texture and image. Following a singular pulse at a propelling 128 beats per minute, Scanner wraps sound around a central pulse as D-Fuse projects images in response, creating a unique experience, each responding to the other.