Crossed Circuits
Hogar Collection
New York City
23 April - 06 June 2005

A group show with Pasqualina Azzarello, Cecilia Biagin, Mckendree Key, Tim Dowse, Lee Ranaldo, Damian Catera and others.

Crossed Circuits features a headphone listening station featuring sound works from Free 103.9 Transmission Artists

The varied works in this exhibit loosely reflect and invoke a blurring of the senses (synesthesia) and celebrate the inherently ephemeral nature of these connections. The meaning and presence of these crossed circuits are always in flux; they represent a fleeting perceptual moment….a snapshot of what is possible. These works, which come from a variety of mediums, encourage the viewer/ experiencer, to reflect on the process of experiencing art in a multidimensional, multi-sensory way. The negotiation of this is a constant process, a succession of ephemeral moments. In assembling this exhibit, we were able to consider a wide variety of works, that may not have been created with these concepts in mind, but were still open to be interpreted and experienced within this conceptual framework.