'Convergence' Residency
Hysbys North Wales UK

Summer/Autumn 2005

I was resident in Caernarfon North Wales for some weeks over the year as part of 'May You Live in Interesting Times,' Cardiff's inaugural festival of creative technology, developed between bloc and Chapter. The residency programme for the festival was supported and managed by Cywaith Cymru: Artworks Wales, the national organisation for public art in Wales.

I created works available via podcasts at the website www.mayyouliveininterestingtimes.org which explored the use of the Welsh language within the expanse of the countryside here, asking children about using Welsh in conversation, peoples favourite words, etc. I would travel on excursions across the country with the Hysbys team to remote towns and villages and various communities.

Hysbys is a partnership between the Department of Lifelong Learning , University of Wales Bangor ; BBC Wales and the Welsh Language Board. It travels around north Wales, visiting various towns, villages and communities.