Christoffersen Art
Copenhagen Denmark

Group show with work by Charlotte B. Johansen, Scanner, Morten Schelde, Jens Blendstrup and others.

Interiors is a sound piece and photographic piece that refers to the Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) of spectral voices in recordings of empty locations and presents field recordings from spaces with ghostly associations.
Spaces are often remembered in terms of decoration, colour, shape. We speak of the furniture of a bedroom, the lighting in the bar, but rarely of the sound.

For this work I recorded in all the rooms of my old family house when empty. With no obvious sound on the tapes I amplified all the seemingly blank recordings to bring out the hidden sounds, revealing the micro movements in the house. What is heard is the strangely abstract world of beautiful sound just beneath the threshold of our perception.

A large scale transparent print of inside the house accompanied the soundtrack.