Warhol's Surfaces
Compact Disc & accompanying performances

“ Scanner takes the sound as Warhol took the soup; creating a universe where the looping everyday becomes interesting in the blurred domesticity most people see as the very essence of plain, repetitive boredom. – Touching upon the fact that it does not matter how famous or ordinary you are: A sausage is just a sausage. Or is it?

I guess it’s up to each individual to choose what to make of it. –Warhol and Scanner are, it seems…, just showing us the cans / scan"
Mathilde Schytz Juul

Andy Warhol really believed in empty spaces. He constantly explored trivial moments: zooming in on surfaces in his pictures, offering fragile parts in his films, including all the “uhms” in his writings; catching the person exactly as he is manufactured at that very moment. He especially liked boredom, repetitiveness, copies, details. Scanner has been interested in the idea of the ‘sound polaroid’ for some time, capturing the sound of a person or a place for a particular moment, trawling the hidden noise of the modern metropolis as the symbol of the place where hidden meanings and missed contacts emerge.

For this CD Scanner takes interview material with Andy Warhol from the early 1970s as the starting point for a soundtrack which attempts to take something very ordinary and make it extraordinary. In answering a series of simple questions, Scanner has dug around inside the material to bring out unusual acoustical moments, expressed in Warhol’s choice of words, his breathing, his pauses between words. Dissolving the words, he tranforms the artifice of Warhol’s voice and interview technique and explores the eloquence and ominipresence of the idea of bordedom surrounding the pop artist.
As Warhol himself might have said about the work, “ Gee, uhm, it’s really up ‘there’.

CD release on Intermedium Records

Available at http://www.posteverything.com/bette