In the Time of Distance
Queen's Theatre Adelaide Australia

Theatre performance in collaboration with Parallelo.

“In the Time of Distance” takes risks, not in the tediously predictable territory of explicitness or deconstruction, but in the exploration of feeling and meaning.

In an era in which Australia’s response to the growing numbers of exiled and dispossessed has taken violent and increasingly punitive forms, such an exploration could not be more timely.

This is a beautifully balanced collaborative effort, resulting in a poetic distillation of experience that is both moving and challenging."
Susan Holoubek

Co-directors: Teresa Crea, Laurent Dupont
Visual Installation Design: James Coulter
Soundscapes Scanner (with Jason Sweeney)
Broadcast sound: Jason Sweeney
Live image manipulation: Lynne Sanderson
Photography: Peter Heydrich
Performers: Elena Carapetis, Irena Dangov, Astrid Pill, Jason Sweeney Costumes: In collaboration with Citizens of the World