Echo Ricochet
Awesome Festival
Perth Western Australia
May - November 2003

Cre8ive Challenge is an Awesome Arts initiative designed to bring young people and local artists together. Participating groups engage in an open-ended, process-based exploration of identity by examining the significant and distinctive features of their local community and environment. Groups are organised through schools, youth and arts centres.

Each year Cre8ive Challenge focuses on a different project. In 2003 the project came in 2 parts: the first, a celebration/presentation of each group’s exploration of identity; the second, the collection of significant sound samples for a collaborative project with Scanner. The latter became a soundscape accompaniment for a journey through Perth’s urban environment as part of the Awesome Festival in November.

As part of the Festival in central Perth Echoricochet was presented from an orange transit van. The public borrowed headphones and CD players and embarked on a sound-walk through the city, guided by instructions. Perth ebbed and flowed with its usual rhythms as the soundscape evolved around the listener, offering a relaxed yet heightened awareness of the urban environment’s passing details.

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