You Are Not Alone
Pavelhaus, Laafeld/Austria
June – July 2002

Participating artists: (Italy), Scanner (Great Britain), Critical Art Ensemble (USA), Marko Peljhan (Slovenia), Anja Medved (Slovenia), Saso Vrabic (Slovenia), Kristina Leko (Croatia), Darko Fritz (Croatia/Netherlands), Tanja Ostojic (Yugoslavia), WW_Anger (Austria)
Curated by Natasa Petresin

Through current social phenomena, from economical processes of globalisation to overall sprawl of telecommunication network, visions of Marshall McLuhan about globall village are becoming reality. The exhibition You Are Not Alone has been conceived as a group show of international artists who are trying to expose the consequences that these issues bring on individual human rights concerning privacy. From various positions and by using large variety of media, participating artists are dealing with mechanisms with which public social structures manipulate these issues. Their artistic production functions as a battlefield for raising general consciousness about key problems of the society of surveillance, the present form of society which part we all are becoming.

‘Three Women’ by Scanner, a work written for radio by Sylvia Plath, was available to listen to, a piece that consists of three intertwining interior monologues, contextualized by a dramatic setting: "A Maternity Ward and round about." The three women of the title are patients, and each describes a different experience, the first a presumably married woman who gives birth and takes her baby home during the course of the piece; The second, a secretary, has a miscarriage, not her first, and the third, a college student, gives birth after an unwanted pregnancy, and gives the baby up for adoption. The work is a powerful and psychologically challenging piece.