.Wav: Waves on the Canals
Bruges Belgium
June – Sept 2002

Participating artists: Philip Jeck, David Toop, Horst Rickels, Eavesdropper,Heiner Goebbels, Pierre Bastien.

For ‘Respire’ I took a recording of my own breathing, the ghostly trace of my existence and placed it under a bridge in the city of Bruges. I treated the sound in various ways to alter it’s meaning. Beneath the surface of the soundscape were embedded whispering voices, speaking in tongues, unintelligible yet recognisable as the human voice.

Mirroring this vibration was a blue light that responded to each take of air, flicking on and off softly in answer. It was hidden within the reserves of the bridge itself too, so that all the public would hear is a breath, then all they would see is the reflection of blue light in the water.