Into the Blue
Naughton Gallery at Queen's Belfast Ireland
October 2002

Catalogue publication

A field of balloons, as deep as the deep blue sea, engulfs the viewer, nestling up to them and creating a lighter than air environment. Soft carpet caresses your feet as you step slowly through this ever adapting space, as warm microscopic sounds flutter around your ears. You are immersed in a new commission by London-based artist Scanner, whose work has consistently explored public and private spaces, injecting them with ideas that offer an insight into the human condition with warmth and a sense of humour.

Collecting responses from people in Belfast to a simple question - What does blue make you think of? - he has printed some of the answers onto balloons that can be found all over the city and which are combined to create a multi-sensory work within the gallery.

Into the Blue is contemplative, calming and a place to reflect. It's a place to touch, listen and imagine.