Esprits de Paris
Mike Kelley + Scanner
MACBA gallery Barcelona Spain June-July 2002
Centre Pompidou Paris France October-December 2002

Catalogue publication with CD

Particpating artists: Doug Aitken, Mathieu Brian, Coldcut, Flowmotion, Renee Green, Marti Guixe, Dorfmeister/Huber/Orozco, David Shea
Esprits de Paris is the result of a series of recordings of visual and sound environments done in different parts of Paris. The recordings, made at places to which supposedly supernatural characteristics have been attributed, are presented as documentary records, while images recorded at a club full of people dancing are projected. In this work, sound experimentation is combined with an application of the method which Burroughs, in his work The Invisible Generation, describes as "the control machine."