The Spirit of Speech / El espiritu de la palabra
La Gallera
Valencia Biennial
Summer 2001

Catalogue publication

This project explored the hidden resonances and meanings within the memory and in particular traces of the memory of the artist as explorer, the nomadic temporary inhabitant, in unknown geographical terroritories.

Set in an old cock fighting arena, The Spirit of Speech, projected images from above onto a gigantic circular screen mounted on the floor. An image of my face would appear slowly revolving around the space, the sound of my breathing mirroring the pensive movement. As my eyes closed images of Valencia would seize the screen, of crowds, people, places, incidents, both trivial and magnificent, the architecture, the shape and colour of the city. On re-opening my eyes so they would cut out, leaving the echoes of places and sounds, and the sound of my breathing and the blood rushing through my body would appear on the soundtrack.