Installed in ‘Sound aka Space; Aussendienst’
Hamburg 2000
'Haunted by Detail' De Appel Amsterdam 2002

Catalogue Publication

Participating artists: Daniel Pflumm, Elektro Music Department, Thomas Brinkmann, Carsten Nicoli, Bernd Ruzicska, Chicks on Speed, Felix Kubin, Miki Yui & Felix Hahn

A wall mounted work comprised of around 2500 cassettes donated to the gallery by local people. Arranged in a colour coded order the cassettes become a wall of colour and are only suggestive of sound.

There is no amplification for the music contained within as the work merely implicates sound in the memory of the viewer. By employing cassettes as the medium, the work returns to a medium that has been hopelessly erased from the market by the advent of a digital economy, but one that still resonates with associations – a homage to a sound technology of the past.