London and global
Postcard project as part of ‘Small Acts’
Throughout 1999

Catalogue Publication

Participating artists: Bobby Baker, Brian Catling, Chris Dorley-Brown, Brian Eno, Tim Etchells, Ronald Fraser-Munro, Alexander Garcia Duttmann, Hugo Glendinning, Daniel Gosling, Adrian Heathfield, Emma Kay, Lois Keidan, Deborah Levy, Graeme Miller, Suzanne Moore, Kira O’Reilly, Robert Pacitti, Mike Pearson, Peggy Phelan, Meloni Poole, Gilane Tawadros, things not worth keeping, Third Angel, Ann Whitehurts

For Flood I sampled faces from mass media photographs of the Millennium celebration crowd scenes so that individuals at the periphery of these events took centre stage in a visual manipulation. By using the press and media representation as a locus point, I took the public image of this grand celebration, randomly picking figures and pulling them to the surface from the flood of celebratory bodies. These ‘invisible’ elusive characters were exploded from the image, allowed to escape. A micro interpretation of a macro event. Blown up to a level where they become no longer part of a group, an imaginary tale was told, lines written exploring the dreams and aspirations of this individual.

The images created were reproduced on a series of free postcards getting wide distribution, back into the public stream, in an edition of 30,000.